On the Other Side


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I’ve known perfection

On the other side of the struggle

To overcome all that

Could make one fail


The fears and doubts,

Which twist, tear and bend double

The hearts and bones

Of all who look them in the eye, and say


‘I have a dream

Of crossing raging oceans;

I have a dream

Of climbing to the skies;’


‘I have a dream of touching

With my fingers the line

Which separates what’s dead

From what’s so beautifully alive;’


‘I have a dream

To see someone who wouldn’t

Be stopped by the demons

Howling in their chest;’


‘I have a dream

For me to be that someone,

Standing humble yet proud

On the other side of pain;’


‘I have a dream

And pray you will not stop me,

My ancient fears and doubts -

I have no time to waste!’