My Dear Hades

I had a dream that life was all around me

Its color – blue, its texture – soft and warm

And all my being drowned in quiet wonder,

I felt my mind at peace; I turned into a storm


Yet, where I stand awake there is no color

The eyes staring at me are made of glass and cold

The endlessly unwinding roads, the swarm of voices

Lead nowhere, speak of nothing – are the world


Or is this hell? And one could never live here?

How dare one stay alive among the dead?

One couldn’t breathe the poison of oblivion

But there is nothing here to breathe instead


My mind is gone; it’s diving in the abyss

It dug out, filled with love and hid in time

I do not want it back; I don’t believe I need it:

I am in hell and I don’t want to think of why

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