Tropical Morning

This day is as gray as my eyes

With storm clouds as thick as my hair

I kneel by the edge of the pier

And wait for the rain to begin


Washing me out of this morning


A raindrop precedes a downpour

A movement – a numbness, a death

I’m certain there aren’t many steps

Left for my bare feet to climb

Till life starts pouring

Out my heart, ever hopeful and burning


Wild vertical sea tumbles down

And colours air ashen and cold;

I’m sorry I’ve never been told

One could drown on dry land

If it’s pouring like today –

In a rain on a tropical morning

The Ring with Dolphins

They’re numb, my lips, they cannot smile to please you

There’s not a word that I can think of for tonight

You look at me across the table, plagued with melting

Candles; I take my glasses off – my eyes are tired


I’ve known you for too long, the same good old you,

Whose kindness peeled off my steel outer layers;

Who’d met me long before I met my solitary self and

Whom I allowed to love me for as long as I could bear


I know you hate the size and smell of my Cohibas;

You look unhappily at my tomboyish jeans and shoes

The one you think you care for never turned into a princess

She wears no make-up and has tens of scars and bruises


She fought black Spanish bulls in a small ring in La Algaba

And danced for weeks across the windy Himalayan plains

She learned to speak the many ornate languages of silence

She sits before you now, while her mind roams in ocean depths


Don’t blame her, if you can, for all her lonely, loveless choices

Don’t try with words and bribes, scolding and pleading to revive

The young and open heart, which was yours and yours only:

That heart has grown in years too big, too cold, too wild


Sit with me for a moment and forgive me when I leave you;

When candles melt away and when my shape grows dark

Your ring with dolphins will keep glowing on my finger,

Reminding me of all the things that I no longer love