The Dolphin

A seagull’s wing might glide above me,
Sometimes, a passing boat would cast a shade,
But since the day I turned into a dolphin
I have been roaming ocean depths, lonely in my escape

I never could return to humans,
Where all my loving family still hopes
That one day I turn back into the woman,
Whom I detested, from whom I eloped

Nor could I jump, or laugh, or play with dolphins:
There is a staleness in my eyes, my heart
They feel, and know I am unlike them,
I just pretend to be and, thus, I try too hard

I am alone in this embrace with water,
In my refusal to leave prints on Earth;
My reveries are deep enough to drown in,
And as I drown, I will not alter course

2 thoughts on “The Dolphin

  1. Mila, this is a true gem! I love it so much… It is so deep, profound in-between many of us have been living with… Jonathan Livingstone The Seagull in each of us but without the strength and bravery he had… For… we can all be dolphins… anything we choose…. It is not our unlikeness that they are aware of but our fear to become one of them… it would mean taking/setting off…. cutting off all the connections with humans, with the land…

  2. Thank you, Maja! ‘The Seagull’ is indeed a beautiful, beautiful book.

    When I’m diving, especially doing long decompression in the blue, I sometimes forget that I’m human: I think and move differently and have none of the concerns that plague me on the sufrace. That, I guess, is the beauty of being human – that we can have a taste of ways to exist other than our own, human way. Of course, we can’t ever fully transform into a dolphin or a bird but we can certainly become richer and wiser for trying.

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