I am a wave that beats against a rock:

I shift my shape but stone remains unchanged;

I turn to foam and run from it, ashamed


I am a gust of wind that runs into a face,

A withered face that’s seen the worst of storms,

And as I touch its scars, I lose my strength, ashamed


I am the wish that I cannot fulfil

I am the chance I never took with me,

Ashamed to be and, thus, bound not to be

6 thoughts on “Ashamed

  1. This is sad – a moving poem. The ‘I’ is very hard on herself! I like the reflective mood, the strength of the quiet voice

    1. Thank you for your response, Sally! I’m glad you liked the poem. I only hope the ‘I’ learns one day not to compare herself/himself to things as grand and beautiful as, say, the ocean or wisdom.

    1. Thank you for reading! Actually, I was merely describing my surroundings at the time this poem was written – I was lucky enough not to have had to resort to my imagination :).

  2. In my opinion this is an exceptionally beautiful and powerful poem… Tender and strong at the same time… philosophical too… Do you write your poems in English or do you translate them, Mila?

    1. Thanks a lot, Maja!
      I hardly ever translate my own poems between the languages I originally write them in. For some reason I find it hard to translate my own work, although, I actually work as a translator :).

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