Stages of Grief

Was that truly the last that

I’d see of you?

Was your last smile

That smile that I forgot?


Was your last word that one

I can’t remember?

Was your last gift to me

That something that I lost?


Is this a joke, this box

In which they put you?

Is your heart

Teasing me? It doesn’t beat!


This has to be a dream,

With dreamers mourning,

Saying good-bye…

You never said good-bye to me!


Please, wake me up! I do not

Want to dream this!

All that I see here

Looks like empty shells and toys


You must come back – I live

To see you smiling,

You must because

I breathe to hear you voice


You won’t. I’ve seen the last of me

This morning:

Laughed my last laugh,

Said all I’ll ever have to say


I cannot go with you, it’s not

My time yet;

Good I don’t have to

Stay alive – all I can do is stay

4 thoughts on “Stages of Grief

  1. You have suffered much…and you are much. I am sorry for your pain and happy for your beauty.

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