Early Spring by the Sea

Still blue with cold you are
As winter lingers
Upon your shores and
Upon my shoulders


Roofs glow gray in the rain
And empty buildings
Await their dwellers,
Warm like the summer


Plain faces, pale as spring
Seem starved for feelings
To help them blossom
To give new meanings


To the most ancient rhythm
Of changing cycles,
And closing circles
Of dreams and failures

4 thoughts on “Early Spring by the Sea

  1. This is a wonderful piece, a fantastic exploration. I want spring to be less sad, but the portrayal here is so poignant and real. Every word seems to be perfectly placed. Great write!

    1. Thank you for your very kind comment, Carl!
      You are quite right in that spring ought to feel less sad. Yet, for some reason, in this tiny town by the Black Sea it doesn’t – not yet, not to me. Hope that changes soon.

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