Versatile Blogger

Yesterday one of the subscribers to my blog gave me a very flattering gift – a Versatile Blogger Award. It came as a surprise and an encouragement just when I was struggling to write and failing miserably. The problem is that I’ve been in the same place for too long and I simply lack the imagination of a true writer to keep my creativity alive: I need to actually breathe different air, see different faces, eat different food etc to write something remotely interesting. Excuses, exuses…

Back to the award. It’s not all cheering – there are rules to follow. Firstly, whenever someone gives you something nice, the common practice is to accept it and say thank you! Secondly, I must provide a link to the award itself:

And here’s Val Erde, the blogger who passed it to me:

Next, I must tell the world – the small part of it which is still reading this – seven things about me, myself and I.

  1. I’m really tempted to say that I’m a versatile blogger but I’m afraid that wouldn’t be quite true. So instead of ‘versatile’ I’ll say ‘vegan’.
  2. My most vivid memory of happiness is the memory of being at the depth of over 100 meters of seawater for the first time;
  3. I have been trying to write my first novel for years now and I just… can’t;
  4. I attended a bullfighting school while working on an ethics dissertation;
  5. The Sixth Symphony in the name of my blog refers to my favourite piece of music – Tchaikovsky’s last symphony;
  6. I like to listen to people;
  7. I don’t like to talk about myself, so I’m glad this part is over. Phew!

Finally, I need to list fifteen blogs written by the new Versatile Bloggers. Essentially, these are just some of my favourite blogs – interesting, different and written by wonderful, versatile human beings:



Other Goodness:

  1. – never fails to make me smile
  2. – for the love of post-it notes;
  3. – keeps the travel bug alive;
  4.  – reminds me I should be writing more (and better);
  5. – feeds me :);

Looks like that’s it. Hope I didn’t forget to mention anything important. Again, many thanks to Val for passing me the award, and thus, reminding me that I’m supposed to be writing. Right now.

8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger

  1. Greetings and salutations my friend! I wanted to thank you for including my site on your list. I am humbled at your words and appreciate the time you have taken to visit and mention my work. I look forward to sharing words with you ~ Rose

  2. I also think you deserve the award. Im also very glad that a well travelled and intelligent women like yourself gets some satisfaction from my blog. Many thanks.

  3. Great! I’m glad you did this! 🙂
    I look forward to visiting some of the other blogs you listed when I’m feeling less tired, I’m still resting a bit.

    1. I hope you feel better soon, Val! Frankly speaking, I’ve been feeling a little tired too but your giving me the award really cheered me up. Thank you!

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