The Early Bird

I am falling


Don’t look at me like it’s too early:

My head is heavy on my shoulders

I’m breathing slow,

I’m breathing deep


I am crawling


This house I’ve never had a room in,

Four walls, a couch with tired linen,

Your voice – my quiet,

Endless shame


I am leaving


The flood of memories is coming

To sweep me off my feet, still running

After the ultimate illusions

Of hope and light



I’m awake

I feel how spring spreads wings above me,

I hear how autumn mourns its summer

And winter is my quiet,

Endless shame

10 thoughts on “The Early Bird

  1. meaningful as always. I have read the comments above and it made me think – your work always has a ‘shape’ to it and it is not accidental that your form strengthens your content…all the more powerful because it is not intrusive.

    1. Thanks, Sally! So glad to hear from you again!
      I find that a more or less solid structure helps me express my meaning while also ‘protecting’ the reader from the speakers’ negative emotions.

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