My eyes are evil

For they show me

The glow of hope

A million miles away


My hands are evil:

Things they touch are

All dust and clay,

Mirages in hot air


My feet are evil:

Leaving myriads of prints

On twisted paths

They do nothing but hurt


My heart is evil

For its changing rhythm

With long and longer

Silences is fraught


My mouth is evil

For it houses

Whole tomes of cruel

Hurtful words


My mind is evil

For it tells me

That evil, too, can

Somehow be a good

6 thoughts on “Evil

  1. Seems hands, feet, heart, mouth and mind are evil because they actively offend. But the eyes do not seem evil. They are receptors. They are a consternation because they allow a peek at is what not evil. They become an irritant because there now exists a passageway of instructions enabling us to dispose of the internal evil of the other 5. You cannot claim to be without possibilities now. That glow of hope is a million miles away.
    That the eye is revealing that is not evil. The sight of the hope is also a form of irritant because it will be a lot of work for your feet to walk that million miles. But that light is indeed there and within your ability to possess. You are not enshackled by evil at all unless you choose to be. Hope invites us. In the last stanza you point out that the mind is evil if it allows us to think that evil can ever be good. That is true and it is the Great Lie. But this is not to say good may not arise from evil. The definitive historical example here would be the creation of Israel.

    1. Thanks for the very interesting comment, Carl! Let me explain what I meant by the eyes being evil: the speaker perceives them as evil because they tease him/her; he/she does not believe them to be mere passive receptors but something the purpose of which was originally evil. What I – the author – meant though, is perfectly in line with what you’re saying: good can arise from evil. Once we are aware of the evil and have the good in sight – no matter how far away – there’s hope for that. So to me, this poem is about awareness and hope.

    1. Haha, thanks for your kind comment! I would never argue with Socrates :)! Ignorance may be bliss but when knowledge and awareness inevitably come knocking on its door, it scares us, causing all sorts of unpleasant feelings and pain. As they say, the night is darkest right before the dawn.

  2. The last stanza so perfectly caps it, outlines the root of all of the evil and the one thing that might stop it.

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