For Me

Whatever gods you pray to, pray for me

Believe in something for a day – for me

My mouth, you see, is sealed forever now

I couldn’t even say my own ‘good-bye’


In early spring smile at the sea for me,

Still cold but open to the warming light;

In summer build a house of sand for me,

In autumn make me a bouquet of leaves,


In winter dance alone or dance with snow –

The way I used to always dance alone –

And then, again, pray to whatever gods you know

For me, who never really learnt to speak

6 thoughts on “For Me

    1. I could certainly use some help from the muses, and Erato would be more than welcome to whisper better poetry than this in my ear :). As for bouquets of leaves, I love making them! I do that a lot when I’m in St. Petersburg in autumn, and think of Alexander Pushkin who dedicated many wonderful poems to the colours of the season.

  1. Wow…there is a strength in this poem whichi is hard for me to describe…but I find it as one of you best poems that I have read…I’m still pondering why it strick me so hard…brilliant write.

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