A Moment of Weakness

I beg you, mirror, do not cry!

Don’t give this empty room the pleasure

Of witnessing your glass tears slide

Down my glass face, and fall, and shatter


Don’t let it see me on my knees,

Bereft of purpose, hope and meaning,

Struggling to breathe and not to scream

Under this low, old, crumbling ceiling


Don’t let my room remember that

Like others, I sometimes have moments

Of weakness, greater than my strength –

If it remembers, I’ll be homeless


Reflect my eyes in yours as dry,

My lips, pressed shut, as if they’re smiling;

Help me pretend that I am fine,

That here, in me, there’s light still shining

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Weakness

    1. Thanks, Andrew! I had a look at your blog and enjoyed what I read very much. Good luck with you writing and the many other wonderful things that you do ;)!

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