Blog Update – Back From Manaslu

My 2011 Manaslu Expedition finished yesterday; I hope that the hole it left in my heart will stop growing, too, now that I’m back in Kathmandu. At the moment every move I make hurts; every thought that crosses my mind – hurts, and it hurts – almost unbearably – to see in the mirror the face I had only been catching glimpses of in my team mates’ sunglasses for the past 40 days. These 40 days have taught me a lot, and now I can’t help but wonder what to do with this newly-acquired knowledge about myself and others; it is crushing me…

As promised, I will share some of the stories from the mountain with my readers; they will be published here in three instalments – The Trek, The Climb and The Descent – over the next few days. I hope that my blog’s regular visitors find them interesting enough to excuse my long absence.



4 thoughts on “Blog Update – Back From Manaslu

    1. Thank you for commenting, Carl! I certainly hope you are right: the expedition was a tough experience in more ways than one, and I feel like it has, indeed, changed me – for the better, I’d like to think :).

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