My Cold White Christmas

Chulu Far East at Dawn

I am going back home for Christmas, that is, to the mountains. In a few days I am leaving on an expedition to an unclimbed peak in the winter Himalaya. I say ‘unclimbed’ but, in fact, the mountain which has captured my imagination has been climbed on before – it simply has never been summited. Is it a bad idea? Most definitely. A first ascent of this technically difficult peak would have been challenge enough in and of itself; a winter ascent with the added problems it poses can prove too great a challenge for my two team mates and me to overcome. The names of the expedition members will be familiar to those of you who have been following my adventures in mountaineering: Dorje Sherpa, Pasang Wongchu Sherpa and yours truly. We intend to stay on the mountain for 14-20 days in the course of which I will not be able to update my readers on the expedition progress. I’m hoping to post a few blogs about the climb when I return to Kathmandu.

Since the nature of the climb sets the bar very high indeed for my ability as a mountaineer, I feel like the expedition will need a miracle to succeed. It’s a good thing, then, that we’re climbing during Christmas time – the time when there is hope for a miracle, even for those of us who already know the truth about Santa.

Before I leave, let me wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers! May your homes be full of laughter of your loved ones; may your hearts be warm in spite of the cold outside; may all your wishes come true, even if it seems impossible!



9 thoughts on “My Cold White Christmas

  1. Hola dear Mila!
    You leave for a new adventure for an unclimbed peak which area??
    I wish you success with your team mate please say hello to Dorjee
    Be careful and be safer.
    Please let me know your news!!

    1. Bonjour, mon ami :)! Thank you for keeping in touch and following my adventures! The peak Dorje, Pasang and I will be trying to climb is in Langtang. It is really quite stunning! I’ll be careful, don’t worry :).
      Say hi to Sabine from me and enjoy the holidays!

  2. Hi Mila,
    Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, just be safe and take care. Thinking of you always.
    Don and Gill

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