The River of Time

How far away you are!

You, who can love plain face;

You, who can say my true name;

You, who keeps me from falling down

And into the River

Of Time;


How strong are the ties which bind

Your mind and your heart to mine!

Like a spider tends to his web, you mend

The threads, which keep me suspended, alive,

Over the River

Of Time;


How warm is your brave embrace!

As warm as short summer months,

As brave as the open skies,

As strong as the icy hands which pull on mine,

Dragging me into the River

Of Time;


I bid you, don’t let me go!

I beg you, remember me!

I’ll scream to break loose but, please,

Don’t listen to me, don’t leave!

Watch me stand in the current of Time,

And no matter how much of it flows,



I love you