Beautiful Winter

My heart is overflowing

With warmth;

The rest of me is turning

To ice


I walked into the ocean

Of snow

Which in bright moonlight glowed

Like a smile


A blizzard danced with me and laughed

Like a friend

And icy lakes embraced me kindly



It was naught but their cold

I could feel

While my heart was over flowing

With warmth


I have loved my endless winter

To death;

I would keep on but my heart’s

Getting cold

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Winter

    1. I can imagine! For someone like me, on the other hand, who was born in the cold St. Petersburg and spends a fair amount of time in the icy environment of high mountains, being caught in a blizzard can sometimes resemble a surprise invitation to dance :). You learn to find peace and beauty in storms once you take surprise and fear our of the equation.

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