Everest: The Nerves

It is only natural that one should be nervous before any climb, not to mention an Everest expedition. And nervous I am; so much so that I have managed to make myself physically ill only a month before the team’s planned departure to base camp.

Having returned to Kathmandu from St. Petersburg yesterday, I must quickly make amends for letting my anxiety influence my readiness for the climb. As those of you who have been following my Everest posts know, I believe that the best training for a climb is another climb. Given that I am short on time, however, I do not want to risk undertaking another expedition before the Big One, so I will go trekking instead – for a bit of a last-minute workout and acclimatization. I will head back to my favorite Khumbu tomorrow to cross three famous mountain passes: Renjo La, Chola and Kongma La. This trek usually takes 17-20 days but my guide, Dorjee, and I will only have 13 days before he must return to Kathmandu, while I will stay on in Phakding to do a little bit of teaching. I expect it to be very challenging indeed, as I am not currently at my strongest.

If all goes to plan, I will be back to post my last pre-Everest article and – inevitably 🙂 – some poetry at the end of March. Before I leave, let me thank my readers for keeping track of my adventures and wish them peace, good health and good luck this spring!