I Thought…

It’s all my fault! I thought

That I would bring you joy,

Not sorrow;


Not anger, jealousy,

Not ill thoughts,

Not regret;


I gave you what I thought

You needed; and yet, in doing so,

I’m sorry, I fell short;


I thought that I was helping –

I was stirring emotions, which

Should not have been disturbed


My good intentions – as they often are –

Were insufficient; I thought

That I could do you good


I thought,

I thought,

I thought…

2 thoughts on “I Thought…

  1. “My good intentions ” before or after having acted I ask “what were my motives” and as long as they were pure fate determines the result not me and I am absolved even though I may still have regrets.

    1. Sometimes it’s just so strange to see what ‘exotic’ fruit actions, fueled by the best intentions, can bear… :). But I agree with you in that it is arrogant to suppose one can predict the outcome of his/her every action, no matter how well-thought-out and well-meant.
      Thank you for reading!

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