Why did you have to wake me up?
Unhappy I was not,
Dancing with mists of Sleep
Since I remember, I have been
An unknown, a watch on the hand
Of Time, always counting something
My eyes – for much too long
They have been shut; now
How am I to open them to life?
Now that I have a body and a mind
To feed, how will I learn
How not to poison them with life?
Please, please, I beg you, leave me,
Ruthless morning sun!
The light unto the great book I can’t read
The book of life, written in every tongue
I do not speak, by someone
Much like you – the opposite of me

6 thoughts on “Awake

    1. Thank you! I think the poem is the coming together of Rip Van Winkle and Sleeping Beauty. Those two could sleep though a lot of things, which makes me very jealous indeed :).

  1. “How not to poison them with life?” Unfortunately there is so much poison. We had another drive-by shooting in my neighborhood at a funeral home Friday. 2 dead 12 wounded including a 5 year old girl. Ironically they were having the funeral for a man killed in a drive-by last week. The incidents must be related.

    1. I’m truly sorry to hear about the accidents in your neighbourhood, Carl; especially, about the little girl! The poisons my speaker is so scared of can’t be escaped, however – they can only be taken with courage and a sense of humor. But you already know all about that.

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