A Million Deaths

There is nothing to fear
But my self;
There is nothing to loose
But its chains;
There’s no power
I haven’t possessed;
There’s no weakness
I haven’t made mine;
There’s no bed, where I can
Rest and sleep –
I’ve been a toy of dreams,
Wild and vain,
All my life, all my
Million lives;
And a million of deaths,
Which I died,
Never taught me
That I couldn’t keep
Anything; that I would
Become rain,
That’s naught
But the new life
Of clouds

‘Clouds are the past life of rain’
Thich Nhat Hanh, Understanding our Mind

4 thoughts on “A Million Deaths

    1. Many thanks! I think it’s impossible for things not to change, and I believe we do play a part in whether they change for the better or worse.

    1. My poem is a great deal simpler than Sandburg’s. The world I describe is very small, and in it I am both the indifferent czar and the powerless workman; and nobody but me is to blame for the respective suffering of both of these conditions.
      Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Sandburg’s piece. It’s excellent!

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