Back from Everest

My Dear Readers,

SORRY!!! I promised to blog from Tibet during the Everest expedition but, unfortunately, couldn’t do it: we were experiencing some problems with communications at Base Camp, and I decided to save my thoughts about the climb for later – now.

I have returned to Kathmandu earlier today and, after a couple days’ rest, will start posting the expedition story and some new poetry. Drop by if you’re curious ;)!



12 thoughts on “Back from Everest

  1. With all the bad news about climbers on Everest, I was beginning to worry…I recalled you were not taking the typical root..but still became concerned…glad you’re back!

  2. I’m very touched by your concern, thank you!
    It’s been reported that 10 people have died on Everest this season – it’s been a bad, bad year. I hope there are no more fatalities on Chomolungma this spring…

  3. can’t wait to hear the story, Salaams and greetings from Pakistan.

    Anwar Syed
    Lela Peak Expeditions Pakistan

  4. Hi Mila,
    We are so glad you have been succesful, our thoughts were with you all the time, the worry, the hope, most of all for you to come back safe. You have, so we are so very happy to have you back again.Love to see your summit pictures.
    All best wishes
    Don and Gill

  5. Big relief here. The tragic stories bring to light your courage. I’m glad you are here to tell us all about the journey.

    1. Great to see your comment, Carl! The journey was a tough one, and I am happy to have made it to my final destination – home – in one piece.

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