Come and tell me who I am,

And I’ll believe you

I’ve forgotten who I was –

Or never knew


I am turning a new page;

It’s voidness scares me,

And I beg, ‘write something now,

Write something true’


Come and tell me that I’m not

What mirrors tell me:

That I’m not a cracked vessel

Of stale dreams


Not a little girl at heart –

With aging features,

Whose old world is bursting

At the seams


Come and tell me what you think

I ought to be now;

Write a page for me

In my unfinished book


I am almost done with it; perhaps

Another couple stories;

At the ones that came before

I cannot bear to look

4 thoughts on “Amnesia

  1. For a young woman of such intelligence, writing ability, stamina and pure grit ,you don’t need anyone to write a page for you for there are certainly many things more in store for you and this book is far from finished. This is one I would like to post on my blog in a few weeks. .

    1. Carl, you really are too kind, thank you! Like I said before, please, feel free to post any poem of mine you choose on your blog. I am very flattered to be your guest and would gladly write something exclusively for the guest post – let me know if you’d like me to do that!

  2. Yes I do guest post every Wednesday now. Poets and artists only. I would like you to participate. Please send pic, brief bio and poem as jpegs. See posts last 5 Wednesdays to see what I mean. Maybe get something up in July.

    1. Sounds good! Will have a look at the previous Wednesday posts and send you the pic, bio and poem next week. Thanks again for the ‘invitation’ :)!

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