Back from Manaslu

Good-bye to Manaslu

My Dear Readers,

First of all, let me thank you all for your support and concern during this past Manaslu expedition. Your kind words and prayers meant the world to me while I was on the mountain.

I returned to Kathmandu yesterday, late in the afternoon, after the Junkies’ expedition was successfully completed. 15 of us, climbers and Sherpas (yours truly included), reached the summit of the Spirit Mountain early in the morning on the 1st of October. After the very eventful expedition, it feels wonderful to be back home, in the warm and sunny Kathmandu. I will take a couple of days to get some sleep and gather my thoughts before I begin writing and posting the story of the climb. Drop by soon if you’re curious :)!



P.S.: I dedicate the story I am about to tell to those who never made it to the end of it – the victims of the recent Manaslu avalanche. May they rest in peace on the glowing slopes of Manaslu under the clearest of skies – the eyes of the mountain gods.