Blog Update: Back from Ganesh I

Ganesh I from Gumba Lungdang

Dear Readers,

I am back in Kathmandu after my latest climbing/swimming escapade. I apologize for not having been able to keep you posted on the progress of the Ganesh I expedition – we had no Internet access at base camp.

As an exploratory expedition, the Junkies’ Ganesh adventure was more exciting than most I’ve been on so far, but, unfortunately, unsuccessful in that (and only in that) the team did not reach the summit. However, I had the best time with an incredible team of ¬†western and Sherpa climbers in one of the most stunning, unspoiled and challenging mountain settings I know of. I climbed on a remote, gorgeous peak and swam in a lake, which was as cold as the coldest of summits. As always, the mountain taught me a lot – so much, in fact, that I came back literally a year older; I am now 26…

More about the climbing and the swimming in a couple of days. Drop by if you’re curious ;)!