You, at least

Cold, you, at least,

Will never leave me;

Asleep, the world around us

Doesn’t hear


Your icy voice

And your heart-breaking whisper,

Finding its way under my skin

Through all the scars, which it is covered with


Cold, you, at least,

Have never disappointed

My expectations, and when I thought

You’d claw your way into my lukewarm dreams


You did – relentlessly –

I knew that it was pointless

To hide or fight: I would get lost or tired

And you, the patient one, would win


Cold, you, at least,

I feel I can rely on

To take away my will to see

The dawn, and slowly breathe it in


When my last sunset comes

Your firming grip will not surprise me;

It will be only you and I –

As it has always been





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