The Singer

Sleep – I’ll sing you a lullaby,

Where I promise that I’ll be fine;


Close your eyes, my love,

Close your eyes;


Every word I sing is a lie,

And my tranquil voice is rehearsed…


Close your eyes, my love,

Close your eyes


For I can’t hide the pain

With which I am engrossed;


Go to sleep, my love,

Go to sleep;


That you trust me

Is good and right;


‘Go to sleep, my love

Go to sleep,’


I will whisper before

Stepping out of the light;


Although my heart may scream: “wake up!

Somehow make it so that I stay,”


I will not interrupt your dream –

Like a nightmare I’ll fade away;


One more time I’ll look at your face

And wonder how it can be so calm;


Were you certain I would remain

By your side every night, always?


Were you merely under the spell

Of my voice and my magical tales?


Or was it simply that you did not

Ever love me the way that I hoped?


You’ve never opened your eyes to me;

Perhaps, when it’s too late, you will –


When the sun threads its first rays through

The air, filled with my prayers for you;


You will think me disloyal and unfair,

As you picture me singing to another somewhere,


And the picture you paint

Will help you to forget the truth:


That I sang you my swan song,

And you slept – slept all through

4 thoughts on “The Singer

  1. One of the saddest songs that I have heard in a long time…leaving me longing to yell at the top of my lungs to send a echo through the valley to awaken your love…much said within these lines.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carl! We all make choices. What we forget about as we linger with our decisions, however, is that ‘we’ is not just ‘I’, and the other person may choose to leave before we find the heart to ‘wake up’.

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