One Day

My lungs were gills once,

And my hands held swords;

My heart was small once,

And afraid of pain;

Unable to forgive or heal

Even a superficial cut,

It hid inside a cage

Without a key


My hair was short once

And my eyes were grey;

My wings were covered

With thick, heavy layers

Of dust and fears

Not to be shaken off,

So like a hunchback

I would walk half-bent;


I met the God of Time

One day, and this

He said to me:

‘Don’t be afraid:

‘Breathe in your days

With a full chest,

And drop the swords you hold –

For they will not protect


You from your enemy –


With your free hands

Release your heart and watch

The bruises disappear,

As love and courage grow;

Straighten your back

And use your gift – your wings


To soar higher

Than you believed you’d dare;

Time is too short –

I know of what I speak –

Let flow your hair of gold,

Let shine your silver eyes,

For when we meet again

I want


To see a woman,


When it’s time to say