The Art of Letting Go

It is my absences you love the most about me,
The fact that, like the moon, I will not stay the day;
It’s my departures that you miss the most about me,
The way my hands will never linger in your hands
You are the master of the art of letting go;
I am the perfect canvas for your work

6 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go

  1. my absences you love the most

    There was one, we were so close but fueled off off each other’s positives and negatives but the later were mutually destructive and it ended in an ugly demise. But we have kept in touch these last three decades every several months and in this physical absence we remember only the very best of times and relish in the engaging conversation. Her husband now of 16 years is a fine fellow and much better mate than I could have been. Her health is in serious decline now and I will go on for years to come but never had to or have to totally let go.

    1. First of all, sorry to hear about your friend. I wish very much that she may recover quickly and fully!
      As for friendship vs love, I suppose, sometimes it is best to let go, to be friends as opposed to lovers. Then, one can look back and appreciate what the other tried to do for them. Lovers, unlike friends, are not different from us – they are our imperfect extensions we endeavor to mould into shapes we find appealing. Friends we usually value for being unlike us, we seem more accepting of their ‘imperfections’. There is less of a problem of ownership: we seem more possessive of lovers than friends – we don’t have to ‘fix’ what us not ours to fix or destroy.
      In this poem, ‘the art if letting go’ refers to the ability a person has to love without constantly controlling their partner. This person respects their partner’s freedom as much as their own. The two are bound together by their love of freedom. It could be, however, that they love to feel free to stay/go more than they do each other. And is that…good?

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