A Writer and a Reader

After you’ve read all my tales,

I am sorry we should meet like this,

When I am in a grey kind of state,

Trying too hard to be too many things


I am sorry that I, too, can cry

That I fail, disappoint, loose, dispair;

That, in fact, I am not at all brave,

And not beautiful, unique or wise


I am sorry that my moods change fast,

When, like now, black doubts overwhelm me;

I am sorry I can’t bring my lips

To smile for you, who came far to see


Someone you thought you liked because

On a good day she was good with words

4 thoughts on “A Writer and a Reader

    1. It is always a shame I think, to be perceived as ‘underwhelming’. However, our expectations of others – especially, if they have in any way distinguished themselves – are often even more unrealistic even than of ourselves.

    1. Of course, there’s no need to ‘accept the blame’ for failing to meet someone’s expectations. Nevertheless, I believe it is hard not to feel, perhaps, just a little disappointed in oneself when somebody else is – whether it is for a good reason or not.

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