I Promise, Part II

Have you returned


Or is this shell before me

But an empty


Which waves of time

Have carried to the shore?


In the storms

You’ve weathered

Have you been able to preserve

From certain


Your heart – your precious gift,

Your heavy burden?


Sleeping with Death


I fear you may have found

In her calm eyes

The peace and quiet, which

Unlike me,

Would never let you go?


Can you even

Hear me,

Standing before me as you are:

Callously smiling

At questions, which to you

Must sound

Pathetic and naïve?


I listen,

I listen…

And only wish I had for you

A soothing answer:

Can’t say the words

You wait and want

From me:


I have returned,


As much of me, that is,

As there remains,

But, surely, much it is not

And none of it

Is good


No ropes, no anchors,

No sails

And no one at the helm

To steer it,

That’s me, the vessel, which at last

Has found this beautiful,

Long-dreamed-of port


The vessel’s vaults

Are all empty;

Not even rats now lurk across

Its rotten insides,

Where no one enters, 

Save for winds

And ghosts


Its cannons

Are quiet

But painful to behold,

Like memories,

Too wild and full-blooded

To ever loose themselves

Amongst the rest


Forgive me for coming


I only did because

When I had left you, I promised

I would return,

And you promised 

To wait



I remember:

‘I promise to return,’ you said,

And I replied that

I would wait for you forever;

The words, the love, the hope

The good intentions…


All – wet gunpowder in the stores

Of life;

Small rescue rafts, too light

For real seas;

I prayed for you – you know? – through every day,

Shuddered in fear – you hear? – through every night

While I’ve been waiting –

Yes, I am waiting still


The original ‘I Promise’ is here: https://sixthsymph.com/2012/06/27/i-promise/

May 21 – Mt Everest Update

Cheering for my friends, Edita Nichols, Margaret Waroba, Ole Mose Nielsen, Robert Kay and Phil Crampton headed for the summit of Everest TONIGHT!
Good weather and much strength to the Altitude Junkies team! May Chomolungma be as good to you as it has always been to me! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.



Edita's Blog - "Intotheblu"

Edita just called from Camp 3, 10:00 (CET). She sounded great. They will leave for the summit at 10pm tonight. She said , 1t was a tough climb, the winds were calm and all looks good for the final summit push tonight! She will leave her phone at camp 3 and call when she gets back down. THIS IS IT! PLEASE SEND YOUR SUPPORT in whatever way you can!

Earlier today 0700, (CET). There has been no news from Edita or the Altitude Junkies since yesterday. They will likely take a cautious approach and wait for the windy to die down at camp 3 before going to camp 4 today (8300 meters or 27,230 feet). After a short rest, they will leave for the summit at 10 or 11 pm tonight.  As in most years, the winds on the North side of the mountain have been and can be formidable.


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