May 21 – Mt Everest Update

Cheering for my friends, Edita Nichols, Margaret Waroba, Ole Mose Nielsen, Robert Kay and Phil Crampton headed for the summit of Everest TONIGHT!
Good weather and much strength to the Altitude Junkies team! May Chomolungma be as good to you as it has always been to me! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.



Edita's Blog - "Intotheblu"

Edita just called from Camp 3, 10:00 (CET). She sounded great. They will leave for the summit at 10pm tonight. She said , 1t was a tough climb, the winds were calm and all looks good for the final summit push tonight! She will leave her phone at camp 3 and call when she gets back down. THIS IS IT! PLEASE SEND YOUR SUPPORT in whatever way you can!

Earlier today 0700, (CET). There has been no news from Edita or the Altitude Junkies since yesterday. They will likely take a cautious approach and wait for the windy to die down at camp 3 before going to camp 4 today (8300 meters or 27,230 feet). After a short rest, they will leave for the summit at 10 or 11 pm tonight.  As in most years, the winds on the North side of the mountain have been and can be formidable.


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