The Glass Fortress

The glass fortress –

The crystal-clear expression of the hope that

The world, which it was built to guard,

Could never come under attack


Its only knight’s armour

Is forged from the finest silver;

His sword’s the clearest of mirrors,

Cutting through flesh, piercing the heart;


The moat around the fortress

Is filled with blooming flowers,

Whose beauty drowns in joy and colour

Each enemy, who tries to cross – and falls


The gates in the glass walls

Are made of silk and wind, and

Whoever comes to them armed,

Leaves, enveloped in warmth


This fortress has no secrets,

No cells for tortured prisoners,

No treasures but its honesty

No weapons but its truth

2 thoughts on “The Glass Fortress

    1. On the one hand, yes! On the other hand, however, beauty is supposed to save the world, at least, according to my beloved Dostoyevsky. Then again, the quote is from his novel titled The Idiot…

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