The Boy and The Bird

I’m sorry,
I’m soaring
Higher and higher;
The liar,
I said I would stay;
I am flying
Through clouds, and
The world is
As white as I,
And like me, it’s abandoned
And deaf
Don’t call my name
You don’t know it;
I dreamed not the dreams,
That you believed I did;
There was not in me
A human heart to give
I was a song, which failed
To find a voice,
A poem,
Sounding more like prose,
An eagle
Without the gift of seeing
I’d hidden my wings,
Two broken things,
Away from you,
Away from me;
I’d thought I could stay;
But when I felt the sun,
Again tasted the wind,
I remembered, what
It meant to have wings,
And forgot
I had promised to stay;
I am sorry,
I’m soaring
Higher and higher,
On two broken wings,
Strung together
By light
The higher I rise,
The longer I’ll fall for;
Go home,
Don’t stand waiting for me –
The one, who traded you
For a moment of freedom

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