The Heart of the Piece

An incomprehensible puzzle
Before me,
A collection of bright jumbled pieces
With one missing –
The one in the middle –
The stolen heart
Of the now finished story
Where have winds carried you,
And abandoned?
Where have fires caught your
Paper wings?
Where have rains washed you of
The colours of life,
To which you were designed as the key?
So, like petals, I scatter the pieces
Of the puzzle;
My hands feed them
To the winter winds;
The same fires and rains which once
Burned you and drowned you,
May know all of you, and as for me
I believe, I would rather
Have nothing
Than have all but
The heart of the piece

6 thoughts on “The Heart of the Piece

  1. An incomprehensible puzzle
    Before me,

    At 64 I had thought that life would no longer be a puzzle and remain incomprehensible to a large degree. Wisdom may come with age but I think you may have to be 700 years old.

      1. Seems whenever I reach a degree of acceptance and understanding of this, a new that suddenly appears. Seems folly to think we can reach a destination where everything is to our liking and in order according to our wishes. Well that just isn’t fair and I plan to tell God about this imperfection in His universe when I come to face him.

      2. I’m quite certain that He knows, Carl :). I am sure, too, that all the imperfections, the missing pieces of countless puzzles and the black gaps are no random flaws – they are there to make us think, imagine, dream and share our best guesses with each other.

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