Happy New Year!

Main Entrance to Sera Mey Gompa, Bylakuppe, India
Main Entrance to Sera Mey Gompa, Bylakuppe, India

Wishing all my friends and readers a very Happy New Year from Bangalore, India! Thank you for following my adventures and misadventures in 2013! I am looking forward to having and sharing with you more of the former and less of the latter in 2014!



Can I Stay?

Can I stay,
My hands glued to the floor,
Breathing in the dusty rustle
Of steps
Over my head?
Can I sleep
When the drums start to roar
And thick voices converge
Under the ceiling
Like black crows, trapped?
Can I cry
Without anyone looking at me
Like I’m going to melt
And leave
A stain?
Can I walk
Without anyone thinking
It’s to
Or away
From them?
Can I ask
Of the air that I breathe
Little questions like these,
And not hope
For an answer?
And in the silent
Can I help going mad?
Can I help growing old?
Can I help

Dance Away

At the deep end of my eyes
There burns by the river a pyre;
In her crumbling bed, wrapped in smoke,
She lies,
While the flames
Dance away;
They burn off her skin every hope
And dream,
Which had kept her chest
Oh, they must have been dazzling,
For the flames dance and dance!
Close your eyes, rise and twirl,
Little girl, burning girl;
Let the world say she’s crazy,
But I call it amazing
She can forget she’s dead,
And dance

You Would Never Listen

Sleep like a star in the sky,
Your glow,
Frozen in flight,
Where it’s cold, mortally cold,
Where it’s cold
Don’t be afraid of the wind –
It won’t pierce you,
Don’t be afraid of the snow –
It won’t hide
You from the heart, which continues
To love you
Or from the eyes, which still search
For your light
Fear not the ice for soon
You’ll become like it,
Solid yet frail under the touch
Of warmth,
Fear not the rocks, which, like you,
Rest suspended
In capsules of time till they
Suddenly fall
Dread not my voice or the words
I am saying,
Breathe through the pain
They inspire in you;
This lullaby is for those,
Already sleeping,
I let you hear it
Only because I knew
You would
Never listen