The Forest of Whispers

In the forest of whispers,
In the soil of forgiveness
I plant a seed,
I bury a secret;
With the warmth of my touch
And the moisture of tears
A new willow will grow
In the forest of whispers
And not a soul will know,
And nobody will hear
What I said to the Earth
Or if She forgave me
For the rustle of leaves,
And the wind’s songs to sunlight,
And the wolves’ – the moon
To the human ear sound like nothing

The Ghost

Rise as if nothing had changed,
As if you still had all your powers;
Smile with the courage and grace,
Which once made you worthy of love;
Walk, as if you knew the way,
Thanking the loved ones you’re leaving forever:
They needn’t know that you will not emerge
From the storm, which will swallow you whole;
Now, not tomorrow, not a moment later;
Now! Brace yourself, take a breath, then, the step
Into the whirlwind of all you’ve been dreading:
There’s nowhere to hide and nowhere else to go;
Look in the eyes of demons from your nightmares,
Feel their claws brush against your bare nerves;
Watch them dig out your heart and cut into pieces
The treasures you lived for, honored and adored;
Scream if you must, here nobody could hear you –
Hell is as private a place as they come,
But writhing in pain, please, remember, remember
The faces of those, who loved you, whom you loved;
And then, rise as if nothing had changed –
It’s behind you, the eye of the storm;
You cannot go back; you stand alone
You have said your good-byes, ghost