The Forest of Whispers

In the forest of whispers,
In the soil of forgiveness
I plant a seed,
I bury a secret;
With the warmth of my touch
And the moisture of tears
A new willow will grow
In the forest of whispers
And not a soul will know,
And nobody will hear
What I said to the Earth
Or if She forgave me
For the rustle of leaves,
And the wind’s songs to sunlight,
And the wolves’ – the moon
To the human ear sound like nothing

4 thoughts on “The Forest of Whispers

    1. They are, but we discard as ‘nothing’ or ‘unimportant’ most things we don’t understand. We often lack the patience and the open-mindedness to really listen, so we are very limited in what we actually hear.
      Thank you for reading, Carl!

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