Tonight, Somewhere

Somewhere in a cave

Beyond the mountains

Sleeps the sun

And dreams of her next dawn;


She never rises higher

Than she needs to

And never falls below

The long line of the ocean


Somewhere in a cage

Beyond what’s real

Thrashes about in fever

A restless, greedy mind


Praying for what’s coming

To be better than what is gone,

And for the next high to be worth

The subsequent – inevitable – crash

The Magic Doll

I have a magic doll

That that can absorb your pain

Until it is

All gone:


In her chest there’s no heart,

No place for warmth nor love –

There’s a hole instead

Where to bury your anger;


It is so dark and deep

You can get lost in it,

And lost will be

All your troubles;


Once you have poured it all

Into that wound, no, hole,

You will feel stronger

And calmer;


I have a magic doll

Who looks like a real girl,

With her porcelain skin

And big turquoise eyes


She doesn’t cry nor frown;

She never screams ‘enough’;

She’ll never tell you she can feel your pain

Throb in the void inside the cut