Collector of the Past

All your looking back

And all your looking down

Have given you

Your tired posture, weary eyes

And waxen skin,

Collector of the Past


You, heavy shadow of the mind,

What you have found,

Has it not all been lost

Or fearfully abandoned

On twisted paths you walk

To wither for a reason?


You pick up strangers’ hopes

And wear them like they’re clothes –

And wear them like they’re yours –

Those ragged robes

Of impossible dreams,

Outgrown by their dreamers


Collector of the Past

Of poisonous regrets,

Distorted histories

And of discarded loves,

You, heavy shadow of the mind,

Return to me, I beg, one minute –


When I betrayed the only thing

I ever loved;


But oh, I know,

Your quiet ‘no’ –

The echo of my fateful ‘no’ –

Is all

That I can by the past

Be given


10 thoughts on “Collector of the Past

      1. Again, many, many thanks for your kind words! I’m glad to finally have something reasonably worthy to share with my friends and readers here!

      2. As Writers, I think everything we write is worthy and no word is ever wasted. Sometimes though, if we are lucky, fortunate, or both; the words; they sing! Happy writing, SixthSymph! “)

    1. Hi Carl! I’ve missed you!
      I must have messed up the sharing settings. Sorry about that! The settings are back to what they used to be now, so you shouldn’t have a problem reading the posts, including the past ones you may have missed.
      Wishing you a happy Sunday from Thailand!

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