Beyond Repair

A hole does not grow bigger

Than the heart

Which is its home;


A knife does not cut deeper

Than the flesh

Which clings to bones;


Time cannot steal the beauty

Of a face,

Whose light won’t age;


And fire cannot burn

The story

If burns the page;


Thus, I will not be broken,

While I breathe,

Beyond repair


And with my hands and thoughts

I’ll reach for hope

Beyond despair

6 thoughts on “Beyond Repair

    1. I think, hope lives exactly as long as we do, down to the last second. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes the pain worse, but it never really leaves the heart, and that is reassuring!
      Thank you for reading and much love from ‘my’ side of the world!

    1. Noooo! A little bit of wear and tear does occur, of course, but as long as your fantastic talent and sense of humor are intact, no damage will break you!

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