The Farthest of the Stars

I am the farthest of the stars:

Millions of light years separate

The truth – that I’m already dead –

From what you see, the clear, white lie;


Alive for you, my glow each night

Stops time in flight and conquers space;

Likewise, my warmth, my love, my smile

Will never die a mortal’s death


So when your hands cannot reach mine,

When silence takes my voice and name,

Look at the farthest of the stars,

And know, what matters – shines, always!

To my Mother

4 thoughts on “The Farthest of the Stars

  1. You will always be that shining star, the brightest star in the night’s sky. I often look to the sky at night with many thoughts of friends and family, with love and respect. I find comfort in the twinkling of the stars, and though we are miles apart, you made quite an impact on my life without even knowing it. Shine on.

    1. Thank you for the love, Geri! I also think of my friends and loved ones as stars – as lights, which outlive even their own sources, bringing hope and joy into the dark.
      You, too, are one of my stars – it doesn’t take long to know one when you see one! And I’ll always be smiling at you, whichever world I’m in!

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