The Off Season

Frozen autumn leaves

Frost the path before me;

Hoar hovers over

Naked trees;


In wan wintry skies

Briefly rests the night

Before once again

Filling the eyes to the brim;


And the snow won’t fall,

And the sun won’t rise –

Naught would light the true face

Of this moment in time


When the past is gone,

While the future fears

To step on the same path

As I

2 thoughts on “The Off Season

  1. AHA!! I HAVE WORKED OUT HOW TO COMMENT!! And not about caps lock it seems! Jaimie S here 🙂 Hope you are well and happy!
    Peace out xx

    1. Ms Terror!!! Awesome to hear from you! I’m alright here, dealing with a couple of issues but still boxing and hoping to add kicking to the training soon!
      Hope that you are doing well, too! Happy New Year!

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