The Translator

I tried to smile like you – less often –

And wear the uniforms you do;

I gave myself another chance to

Follow your common sense’s rules:


I sat and learned for endless hours

To think your way and love your way,

I understood and spoke your language,

But never found a word to share;


I watched you dream, and wished your beauty

Would touch but one string of my heart,

Yet, it remained alone and silent,

And started hurting as time passed;


I’m sorry, none of this is for me;

Your aspirations won’t be mine;

What you call light I still call glitter,

What you call passion I call greed;


I close your book and leave – I have to,

I have a place I want to be;

There are mistakes to make and lessons

To learn, and things to lose and gain,

And mountaintops to reach

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