Another piece of you I bury

Between green folds of budding leaves,

Asleep tonight like all the people

Whose eyes with mine again won’t meet


And every memory of triumph,

And jabs of pain echoing in the mind,

Like letters to remain unopened

By human hand, I leave behind


My shattered heart’s razor-edged pieces

I have been planting as I walked,

Like seeds to grow from hell to heaven,

As I’ve been traveling the earth


They grow on giant timeless mountains

And in white sands beneath the seas,

On paths which men no longer follow

Because of where such paths might lead


Each piece in my chest with each heartbeat

I feel as it, defying time,

Sends me a quiet but sure signal

From the lives I’ve lived and the deaths I’ve died


I wish my heart were big enough to

Embrace each life and death there is,

But the world is a whole, while my heart – fragmented

So within the whole I plant the pieces


Until there’s nothing left of me