Happy New Year!

Main Entrance to Sera Mey Gompa, Bylakuppe, India
Main Entrance to Sera Mey Gompa, Bylakuppe, India

Wishing all my friends and readers a very Happy New Year from Bangalore, India! Thank you for following my adventures and misadventures in 2013! I am looking forward to having and sharing with you more of the former and less of the latter in 2014!



May 21 – Mt Everest Update

Cheering for my friends, Edita Nichols, Margaret Waroba, Ole Mose Nielsen, Robert Kay and Phil Crampton headed for the summit of Everest TONIGHT!
Good weather and much strength to the Altitude Junkies team! May Chomolungma be as good to you as it has always been to me! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.



Edita's Blog - "Intotheblu"

Edita just called from Camp 3, 10:00 (CET). She sounded great. They will leave for the summit at 10pm tonight. She said , 1t was a tough climb, the winds were calm and all looks good for the final summit push tonight! She will leave her phone at camp 3 and call when she gets back down. THIS IS IT! PLEASE SEND YOUR SUPPORT in whatever way you can!

Earlier today 0700, (CET). There has been no news from Edita or the Altitude Junkies since yesterday. They will likely take a cautious approach and wait for the windy to die down at camp 3 before going to camp 4 today (8300 meters or 27,230 feet). After a short rest, they will leave for the summit at 10 or 11 pm tonight.  As in most years, the winds on the North side of the mountain have been and can be formidable.


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An interview with yours truly by the awesome Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson.

Rowing from Home to Home

You don’t bump into many woman climbing the worlds highest peaks without oxygen, let alone 26-year-old, tall blond ones!  Hear first hand from my teammate from Everest 2012, Liudmila Mikhanovskaia about her audacious plans for 2013.

Mila – you about to leave in 7 days time to attempt an audacious challenge. Please give us an overview of what you will be attempting?

 I will attempt to climb Everest via the Southeast Ridge route without the use of bottled oxygen. My plan initially was to try to attempt Lhotse [immediately] after Everest, but I have now ruled that out because I don’t think it’s a realistic proposition, at least, not for me. I am, however, interested in trying to swim across the frigid Pumori Lake at about 5300 meters, near Everest Base Camp. Needless to say, the climb is the priority and something I would like to – and have to…

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An interview with Margret Watroba, my climbing inspiration, and, perhaps, the best and most amazing human being I have ever met. Enjoy!

Rowing from Home to Home

One of the great joys I have discovered in mountaineering, has been the friendships I have struck up along the journey.  I have shared tents in remote mountain ranges with people of different colors,  races and religions.  From different countries and from different cultures.  Yet despite all these differences, I have learnt we are all very similar.  We desire similar things.  Peace, security and safe environments for ourselves and our families to grow up in.  Personal freedom.  A desire for education and knowledge.  And most of all a passion to explore and experience the world. 

Below is an interview with a special lady whom I had the pleasure to meet whilst climbing the North Ridge of Mt Everest in 2012.  Hear Margaret Watroba’s story in the interview below.

Margaret – this is your 4th Mt Everest expedition. Can you give us a brief overview of your last 4 expeditions and…

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My condolences go out to the family of the man I never knew but whose passion for the mountains I share wholeheartedly. I have walked the same trails he has and climbed in his footsteps, so I know only too well that without the help of such good, dedicated men as Ngima Grimen Sherpa success or even just survival in the mountains would be very hard for mountaineers like me. Thank you, Ngima, for dedicating a part of your life to climbers and their mountain dreams!
Rest in peace.

Rowing from Home to Home

Within the last few days I saw some Facebook posts, that a Sherpa named Ngima had passed away in a motorcycle accident. As many Sherpa share the name ‘Ngima’ I did not pay much attention until I saw his full name listed again today ‘Ngima Grimen Sherpa’. I then looked more closely and recognised his face in a photograph. I  double checked with our Everest expedition leader in 2011, Jamie McGuiness. Jamie confirmed this was the Ngima that had been with us on Everest in 2011.

I had the opportunity to get to know Ngima for a brief period only, in trying circumstances. Ngima was a climbing Sherpa on our team. I had little to do with early on in the expedition until one fateful day at the beginning of May. I contracted High Altitude Pulmonary Edema at Advanced Basecamp. It took a harrowing 11 hours that day to stagger…

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