The Old Journal

You were such a silly little girl,

Writing lyrics for your voiceless songs,

Reading books for hours every night,

Skimming through the pages of your days;


You were such a lonely little girl,

Lonely, when, surrounded by your friends,

And engrossed in senseless teenage laughs,

You envied the ones who merely smiled;


You were such a greedy little girl,

Greedy for long trips away from home,

For strange stories told by wise shamans

And for dreams that would bring them to life;


You were such an ugly little girl –

No one ever told you otherwise,

No one ever looked into your eyes

And noticed just how beautiful you were;


Little girl, you were so many things,

You’d haveĀ  grown to be so many more;

How I wish that you were more alive

Than the dry ink in this old journal I once kept