The Off Season

Frozen autumn leaves

Frost the path before me;

Hoar hovers over

Naked trees;


In wan wintry skies

Briefly rests the night

Before once again

Filling the eyes to the brim;


And the snow won’t fall,

And the sun won’t rise –

Naught would light the true face

Of this moment in time


When the past is gone,

While the future fears

To step on the same path

As I

The Flight

Where have you carried me now,
If I stay here, I will
If I leave, I will bear on my scarred face
For years
The haunting stamp of what I’ve
And nobody will come
To someone, whose eyes are home
To ghosts;
Much too far you have carried me,
Much too close
To the other side;
Much too brave I have been
Where I should have been wise;
Now it’s too late to listen
To fear
Or to hope to survive
This flight

You Would Never Listen

Sleep like a star in the sky,
Your glow,
Frozen in flight,
Where it’s cold, mortally cold,
Where it’s cold
Don’t be afraid of the wind –
It won’t pierce you,
Don’t be afraid of the snow –
It won’t hide
You from the heart, which continues
To love you
Or from the eyes, which still search
For your light
Fear not the ice for soon
You’ll become like it,
Solid yet frail under the touch
Of warmth,
Fear not the rocks, which, like you,
Rest suspended
In capsules of time till they
Suddenly fall
Dread not my voice or the words
I am saying,
Breathe through the pain
They inspire in you;
This lullaby is for those,
Already sleeping,
I let you hear it
Only because I knew
You would
Never listen

You, at least

Cold, you, at least,

Will never leave me;

Asleep, the world around us

Doesn’t hear


Your icy voice

And your heart-breaking whisper,

Finding its way under my skin

Through all the scars, which it is covered with


Cold, you, at least,

Have never disappointed

My expectations, and when I thought

You’d claw your way into my lukewarm dreams


You did – relentlessly –

I knew that it was pointless

To hide or fight: I would get lost or tired

And you, the patient one, would win


Cold, you, at least,

I feel I can rely on

To take away my will to see

The dawn, and slowly breathe it in


When my last sunset comes

Your firming grip will not surprise me;

It will be only you and I –

As it has always been






And water shall remain


Having absorbed the pains

And sorrows,

Which tortured what I used

To be


And I’ll become myself –

Freedom –

Having turned icy waves

Into wings,

Which’ll carry to the deep,



The shell, which is now void

Of me