I am not cold –

I am the cold:

The ice I touch

Is the heart hidden from me


I’m not in pain –

I am the pain,

And I devour me,

The sufferer turned suffering


I’m not alone –

I’m solitude itself,

Sitting in empty rooms,

Talking with her mouth closed


I am not dying –

I am being born;

I’m starting nothing –

I have never stopped

The River of Time

How far away you are!

You, who can love plain face;

You, who can say my true name;

You, who keeps me from falling down

And into the River

Of Time;


How strong are the ties which bind

Your mind and your heart to mine!

Like a spider tends to his web, you mend

The threads, which keep me suspended, alive,

Over the River

Of Time;


How warm is your brave embrace!

As warm as short summer months,

As brave as the open skies,

As strong as the icy hands which pull on mine,

Dragging me into the River

Of Time;


I bid you, don’t let me go!

I beg you, remember me!

I’ll scream to break loose but, please,

Don’t listen to me, don’t leave!

Watch me stand in the current of Time,

And no matter how much of it flows,



I love you


Stones, Precious

My feet scarred from crossing

A cold crystal spring,

I wander into

An emerald forest


Under turquoise sky

Coral berries and leaves

Glow red in the sun

Like the red prints my feet leave


Hungry, gaunt agate wolves

Lick the black diamond soil

Behind me and howl

At moonstones in my eyes


And my weak human heart

In the world made of stone

Begs that I turn and run

But I can’t, mesmerised

Early Spring by the Sea

Still blue with cold you are
As winter lingers
Upon your shores and
Upon my shoulders


Roofs glow gray in the rain
And empty buildings
Await their dwellers,
Warm like the summer


Plain faces, pale as spring
Seem starved for feelings
To help them blossom
To give new meanings


To the most ancient rhythm
Of changing cycles,
And closing circles
Of dreams and failures