The Off Season

Frozen autumn leaves

Frost the path before me;

Hoar hovers over

Naked trees;


In wan wintry skies

Briefly rests the night

Before once again

Filling the eyes to the brim;


And the snow won’t fall,

And the sun won’t rise –

Naught would light the true face

Of this moment in time


When the past is gone,

While the future fears

To step on the same path

As I

The Rabbit Hole

I must be falling

Into the void



And the disgusting


I’m seeing


Are either




Or but conjectures

Of my mind,



Endlessly deep,


And cold


Is the imagination’s

Rabbit hole;


As through it

I half-soar,



I can’t remember

Who I really



I’m seeing someone

I don’t



Who’s doing things

Which make me wish

I didn’t have my eyes


Endlessly deep,


And cold


Is this rabbit hole

With mirrors

For walls

The Habit

I have to ask you

Not to ask me

If it hurts –


Pain has become

Less of a feeling

And more of mere word;


It walks me home,

It sleeps with me

And holds my hand


Keeping at bay

The creeping fear

That I have nothing left;


You say I seem

To love my pain;

I wish that this was true;


What’s true’s that all I ever wanted

Hurt, challenged,

Broke or bruised me;


You see, I wasn’t

Made to live

The dreams of greater men,


And this was why

I had to make

A habit out of pain


Dance Away

At the deep end of my eyes
There burns by the river a pyre;
In her crumbling bed, wrapped in smoke,
She lies,
While the flames
Dance away;
They burn off her skin every hope
And dream,
Which had kept her chest
Oh, they must have been dazzling,
For the flames dance and dance!
Close your eyes, rise and twirl,
Little girl, burning girl;
Let the world say she’s crazy,
But I call it amazing
She can forget she’s dead,
And dance