The Boy and The Bird

I’m sorry,
I’m soaring
Higher and higher;
The liar,
I said I would stay;
I am flying
Through clouds, and
The world is
As white as I,
And like me, it’s abandoned
And deaf
Don’t call my name
You don’t know it;
I dreamed not the dreams,
That you believed I did;
There was not in me
A human heart to give
I was a song, which failed
To find a voice,
A poem,
Sounding more like prose,
An eagle
Without the gift of seeing
I’d hidden my wings,
Two broken things,
Away from you,
Away from me;
I’d thought I could stay;
But when I felt the sun,
Again tasted the wind,
I remembered, what
It meant to have wings,
And forgot
I had promised to stay;
I am sorry,
I’m soaring
Higher and higher,
On two broken wings,
Strung together
By light
The higher I rise,
The longer I’ll fall for;
Go home,
Don’t stand waiting for me –
The one, who traded you
For a moment of freedom

I Remember

I recall the scent of autumn in the sky…
I remember how the wind sang of hope…
Rocks, changing their shapes in the sun…
Mountain springs, equally present and gone…
I remember how it felt
To survive;
On that day I was light, water and wind,
Speaking their language — body and mind,
Crying shamelessly and wildly when I
Heard them whisper: “you are not a mistake”;
I remember how it felt
To be alive;
I remember reaching the Earth’s
Very burning heart with my fingertips;
My eyes being one with the sun,
I could see without attachment;
I remember
Being loved
That day was pure joy
Beyond good and evil –
That one day
Could fill a whole life with meaning;
The day that I stepping over
And awakened
From a crumbling dream








Among the timeless lands of ice

You rise –

I kneel before you


I’ve walked so far already but there seems

To be no end

To trails that brought me here


Does any lead to you?


Among the countless rolling rocks

You stand,

Unmoved and moving


Away from me who cannot help

But reach,

And reach for you


Mother of all my dreams